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Akku ka chasma was founded/Website running in 2013 all India/International. Akku ka chasma deals with various types of optical products. Akku ka chasma is operating in both online and offline distribution channels. Customers can order over their online web portal www.akkukachasma.com, it also provides TRY AT HOME services and has two shops in Prayagraj. It provides 10 frames for 5 days of free Try at-home eyeglass services in 17000 pin codes.

Our main objective is :

      • Customer satisfaction and their trust.

      • To provide good quality optical glasses at the minimum cost as much as possible.

      • Expand its business and open more and more franchises.

    The main office is located in Delhi.

    Akku ka chasma provides mainly three types of products :



    >>Contact lenses

    Akku has opted for various strategies thank you for coming across our website. We have always worked as optical specialists across India from 2009 online as well as in the marketplace with satisfied customers. No matter how much busy you are we here working with the tagline “Click or call 

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